A new way to surrender your dog

HALO's mission has always been to keep animals in their homes, but we understand that there are circumstances beyond your control that require you to find your beloved animal another home.  Although, we would love to take your dog into our organization, we cannot due to space.  However, we would like to help you:

1. Get your pet adoptable-we will assist with vaccinations, spay & neuter and a wellness check.
2. We will assess your pet for behavior issues-we will conduct a behavior interview with you and meet your dog and provide a written report to their new adopter (this does not guarantee future behavior issues).
3. We will list your dog on rehoming sites as a courtesy and we will screen adopters.
4. We will not post your animal "free to a good home" but we will ask for a donation to Halo by the adopter. This donation provides Halo the funding needed to continue our mission to keep animals out of the shelters.
5. We ask that you allow ample time for the adoption, however we will do everything possible to get your animal into a new forever home.
6. We will consider each request on a case by case basis due to limited funding and resources.   


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