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HALO's founder and Executive Director, Regina Willen, is a Neuroscience and Physiology Scientist. She is a board certified applied animal behaviorist  (ACAAB) with the Animal Behavior Society (ABS) and is an animal behavior consultant with the International Association Of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). She has extensively studied the behavior of shelter dogs in and out of the shelter. She specializes in creating behavior programs that are practical for shelter staff, volunteers, and the busy family. 

In January 2018, HALO opened our doors with our state-of-the-art Transitional Shelter on over 5-acres of land. Dogs who suffer from behaviors, such as aggression and resource guarding, are housed in the shelter with each having a 10x10 room and daybed. Each room has a TV for movies and music, and a camera for 24/7 monitoring. The shelter has a common area where the dogs can lounge with staff and volunteers on those not so friendly weather days. 

Since 2018, we have grown and evolved as the needs of our community have changed. Our focus is dogs who are facing rehoming, surrender, and euthanasia in their homes and community animals shelters. We offer many programs and services targeting owners, shelters, and rescues to provide training and resources. 

HALO continues to expand into the next chapter.



HALO's mission is to reduce the population of owner-surrendered animals in shelters. We do this by offering other options such as behavior modification, training tools, pet food, and assistance with medical treatments to those individuals facing financial challenges. HALO offers services that are discounted significantly for the public. We ensure that behavior modification and training services are affordable to those needing help. We inspire pet owners to keep the promise they made to their pet to care for them forever and we will ensure that cost will never be an issue. HALO hopes to be an inspiration to the community by teaching humane treatment to animals and their owners.



HALO opened a state-of-the-art behavior modification facility in Xenia, Ohio. HALO has provided a much-needed service to the community by addressing the homeless and abandoned animals in and around our community.  We provide other alternatives to those individuals who feel abandonment or surrendering their companion is the only option.   

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Our HALO team consists of a certified animal behaviorist, operational manager, professional trainers, kennel staff, professional groomers, office assistants, fosters, and volunteers.  

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Shelter Animals Count statistics and yearly Profit & Loss Reports. 

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