Behavior Consultation, Behavior Boarding, Behavior Day Training, & Behavior Daycare


Our Certified Animal Behaviorist has counseled clients who’s dog displays behaviors such as fearfulness, dog-dog aggression, resource guarding, compulsive behaviors, barrier aggression, fear aggression, and separation anxiety.  She has worked with numerous bully breeds, working dogs, and toys breeds.  She will be able to diagnose and treat behavior problems during your pet’s stay based on her knowledge of breed behaviors and temperament.  

With her guidance, you will be taught the proper way to interact and train your dog. She will provide follow up visits, phone calls, and daycare visits until you are comfortable following through with the behavior modification plan that Regina provides unique to your dog.  Regina is truly loyal to her clients and she will work to keep your pet and your family safe and happy.

​Treatment Plan:

The behaviorist will begin by diagnosing your dog.  This will require a 2-hour behavior consultation.  Regina will discuss behavior issues as she would if she was performing an in-home consultation. You will be informed of every protocol and treatment plan. The fees are as follows:

  • $275.00 Behavior Consultation

  • $300 Behavior Consultation with 96-hour evaluation

  • $475 Behavior Consultation with three days of behavior daycare

  • $675 Behavior Consultation with six days of behavior daycare

  • $1,050 Behavior Consultation with 12 days of behavior daycare

We also offer Behavior Consultation discounts for newly adopted rescue dogs, shelters, and rescues. The fees are as follows:

  • No charge to shelters

  • $100 for rescues

  • $150 for a newly adopted dog from shelter or rescue (must provide proof of adoption)



HALO offers a unique service of behavior boarding to our pet owners. (Please note that your dog must be an established behavior client with HALO for this service.)​

During your pet’s stay he will be housed in an 10x10 room containing a day bed, tv, essential oil diffuser, and a camera for the behaviorist to monitor your pet during his/her stay. It is truly a home away from home in a safe, stress free environment.

Behavior Boarding Cost: $125 for a room and $150 for a Cottage



HALO offers a service to our clients for those dogs who cannot attend a traditional doggie daycare and need to expend energy. (Please note that your dog must be an established client with HALO for this service.)