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Regina has counseled clients who’s dog displays behaviors such as fearfulness, dog-dog aggression, resource guarding, compulsive behaviors, barrier aggression, fear aggression, and separation anxiety.  She has worked with numerous bully breeds, working dogs, and toys breeds.  She will be able to diagnose and treat behavior problems during your pet’s stay based on her knowledge of breed behaviors and temperament.  

With Regina's guidance, you will be taught the proper way to interact and train your dog. She will provide follow up visits, phone calls, and daycare visits until you are comfortable following through with the behavior modification plan that Regina provides unique to your dog.  Regina is truly loyal to her clients and she will work to keep your pet and your family safe and happy.

​Treatment Plan:

Regina will begin by diagnosing your dog.  This will require a 2-hour behavior consultation.  Regina will discuss behavior issues as she would if she was performing an in-home consultation. You will be informed of every protocol and treatment plan.




HALO offers a unique service of behavior modification or
training during boarding to pet owners. Although it is highly recommended that your dog remains in your home during training, we understand that there are some
situations that require your dog to be boarded while going
through training.

During your pet’s stay he will be housed in an 10x10 room containing a day bed, tv, essential oil diffuser, and a camera for the director to monitor your pet during his/her stay. It is truly a home away from home in a safe, stress free environment.

Treatment Plan:

Regina will begin by discussing behavior/training issues that you would like addressed. ​She will provide written protocols and treatment plans for you to follow. She will work one on one with your dog during his stay and discuss
the progress daily. She will also teach YOU how to control your dog.  She will be available for discussion, questions, or concerns. If needed Regina will visit your home to

continue behavior modification.

This program is unique because you pick the number of days that you would Regina to work with your dog while he is boarding. If you prefer, you may leave your dog for the day and pick him up in the evening (daycare). However, during the day Regina will work one on one with your dog
and give you progress at the end of the day. You are not
required to purchase a certain number of days however consistency is essential for success. We have been very successful training during boarding

stays. Consider training during your next scheduled boarding while you’re away on vacation.

Behavior Boarding Cost: $100/day
Behavior Day Training Cost: $75/day



HALO offers a unique service of behavior modification during daycare to pet owners, shelters, and rescues.  Although it is highly recommended that your dog remain in your home during behavior modification and training, daycare is the perfect option for the busy family and frankly for those dogs who cannot attend a traditional doggie daycare and need to expend energy. 

Fee: $50/day per dog 


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